Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tap water to be offered at Jersey's Grassroots festival

A beautiful symmetry - an article about Grassroots 2010 in the UK, where no bottled water will be sold and proceeds from refillable bottle sales will go towards water equity projects around the world.

article from bbc:
Water will be on tap for festival goers at the 2010 Grassroots festival.
Tap Water
The eco-friendly event is held at the Val de La Mar Reservoir, owned by Jersey Water who will be highlighting the islands tap water. There will be no bottle water on sale at the event, taking place on 31 July, instead there will be a water station.

When you arrive you'll be invited to buy a specially designed, reusable water bottle for £1.00 with all proceeds going to charity.
You will then be able to fill up the bottle as often as you like from a special 'water station', providing treated mains water.
Festival Organiser Linzi Wilson said it helped highlight the environment and the impact people have on it.
She said: "Waste from bottled water in terms of carbon emissions from its production and transportation, as well as disposal problems, are equally relevant in Jersey as anywhere else.
"We have therefore decided not to sell bottled water on site, to minimise the environmental impact of the Festival through waste."
Jersey Water's Managing Director & Engineer, Howard Snowden said proceeds from the sale of bottles will go to the Water Aid charity.
Mr Snowden said the charity: "seeks to transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world's poorest communities."

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