More about us

We live deeply immersed in a throw-away society.

Throw-away has benefits - usually about convenience and time saving, but rarely about quality of product, quality of life, health, or cost. And the big picture cost, the hidden cost, is sustainability; we are slowly eating up the part of our environment that gives us life, the base that we need for new life to grow. It is like a fisherman who uses his boat for firewood, a farmer who sells his plow, or perhaps someone who trades their teeth for a food processor.
Throw away plastic water bottles are the poster child of this madness. Nowhere is the throw away mentality more expensive, more avoidable, or more wasteful. And the industries whom make such mammoth profits out of such a scam.

Our mission at is to undo this web of deception that has you spending your money and your planet on something that is inferior to what you can have, virtually, for free. It is to offer you a new boat, a new plow, that makes it easy and convenient to get great quality water, without the possible health problems of plastic water bottles. It is to realize a world in which the best water is available out of a tap, for almost no money, and carried in a container that does not harm you.

Come explore our website. Join this movement to sanity.  And stop poisoning yourself and your planet with plastic bottles.