Monday, July 19, 2010

Roving water stations help New Yorkers beat the heat

from an article in Ode magazine:

Tuesday is Brooklyn Borough Hall. Wednesday is Times Square. Thursday is West 175th Street.
That's when and where drinking water is disseminated via outdoor drinking water stations, for New Yorkers and tourists.
Each station has six faucets, which can be used for drinking or to fill a water bottle. The portable fountains connect to fire hydrants and also cater to the city's four-legged citizens with separate bowls of water for dogs and other pets.
The Water-on-the-Go program began on July 4 and will continue through Labor Day Weekend. It's part of New York City's attempt to fight the dog days of summer and reduce its carbon footprint.
A longstanding point of pride for New Yorkers, the city's agua comes to the five boroughs from a watershed more than 125 miles north of the Bronx. The whistle-wetting substance comes from 19 reservoirs and three controlled lakes and makes it way to Gotham via some 7,000 miles of water mains, tunnels and aqueducts.
Following a failed bid to introduce a tax on soda sales in New York, Mayor Bloomberg celebrated the city's newfound independence from disposable water bottles last week: "Our water is the healthiest, most affordable and most environmentally friendly way to stay hydrated."
Department of Environmental Protection staff will deliver, set up and disconnect the fountains at the beginning and end of each day and rotate locations according to the summer schedule.
  • Tuesdays at the Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket
  • Wednesdays at the Times Square Public Plaza
  • Thursdays at the West 175th Street and Broadway Greenmarket
  • Fridays at the Union Square Greenmarket
  • Saturdays at events in Staten Island, Queens and the Bronx
  • Sundays at rotating locations
    Photo by gfpeck via Flickr.
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