Monday, July 5, 2010

do you want to drink beautiful filtered water from your own tap?

This is the first of several products we are offering as alternatives to the ugly polluting, poisonous, 
dangerous, exploitative plastic water bottles which everyone seems to like so much even 
though most people know that plastic water bottles are polluting our oceans and
 environment beyond repair. 

But people just keep on buying and using them. Its quite unbelievable really. 

 People tell us that its because the plastic water 

bottles are convenient, you can buy them anywhere etc etc. 

We've been researching what we think are the most functional, sustainable, 
best looking and accessible products as an alternative.  
And we are in the process of gathering them and putting them up here, so that when you
thoroughly realise that plastic water bottles are a total No-No, 
 you will be able to purchase them here. 

So watch this space! Please!

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