Thursday, July 1, 2010

Giving bottled water the Boot

A story about a collaboration by 28 NSW Shires to reduce waste by a public campaign called "Tap Water, Please." There is great momentum for the unbottled movement across all demographics.

Tap water please but bring your own bottle

01 Jul, 2010 11:30 AM

Blayney Shire residents will miss out on the free reusable drink bottles distributed as part of NetWaste’s ‘Tap Water Please’ campaign as the Blayney Shire Council doesn’t have a provision in their budget to purchase them, director of environmental services Paul O’Brien said.The campaign, launched in a TV and radio ad campaign across the Central West on Monday, aims to make people think before they drink and cut back on their consumption and purchase of bottled water.Out of the 28 NetWaste councils that were invited to distribute the bottles only 11 took up the offer, NetWaste’s environmental learning adviser Sue Clarke said. 
“The other councils are putting up posters to show their support because we made the decision to run the campaign right over the NetWaste region,” she said.

“Different councils have to make their own decisions.”As well as costing more than tap water plastic water bottles also have negative environmental impacts with only 35 per cent being recycled.

“The really good thing is the message being promoted to get people to think about some of the consequences of bottled water,” she said. Ms Clarke said so far 4,000 of the reusable, recyclable, Australian-made bottles had been distributed across the region with each council getting about 300 bottles.“We’ve had a huge response,” she said.“I’ve had so many phone calls. It’s been wonderful.” 

Councils in Bathurst, Orange, Cabonne, Cowra, Forbes, Parkes, Dubbo, Wellington, Warren, Lithgow and Narromine are giving the bottles away as part of the campaign.

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