Saturday, July 3, 2010

the outrageous expense of bottled waters

An article about 'Do Something!' research. Unbottled.orgs work continues to gain acceptance as more and more diverse groups point out how foolish it is.

An article from Herald Sun:

Voss bottled water at $13 a litre brings on a cold sweat

AT $13.70 a litre, it's claimed to be Australia's most expensive bottled water.
Conservation action group Do Something! is searching for the country's priciest bottled water as part of its campaign against the costly packaging of H2O in plastic and glass.
It's own initial search discovered Voss water, sold in the David Jones food hall at $10.95 for 800ml - equivalent to $13.70 per litre. "That's 10 times the cost of a litre of petrol," Do Something! founder Jon Dee said yesterday.
Hotels, restaurants, convenience stores and takeaways were putting premium prices on bottled water, Mr Dee said.
Examples Do Something! has found included $7 for a litre of Mt Franklin at Mirvac Hotels and $3.59 for the same bottle at BP - nearly three times the cost of their petrol.
Mr Dee said the price contrast with tap water - in Sydney, tap water costs $2.01 for a thousand litres - is stark.
"Every year, Australians spend over half a billion dollars on the stuff, despite the fact high-quality drinking water is available for next to nothing from the tap," he said.

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