Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Case Against Bottled Water - (Infographic)

Water Bottles

It’s definitely healthy to drink more water, but that doesn’t have to mean buying plastic bottles of fancy water that’s shipped all over the world. Not only do these little bottles have a huge carbon footprint, they’re not healthy for us and they often represent violations of someone else’s right to water.
Marketers spend a lot of money to convince us that bottled water is superior to tap. That’s laughable, since so much of the bottled water on store shelves is just filtered tap water. I recently ran across an infographic that really spells out a lot of bottled water’s pitfalls:

So what can you do to take back the tap?

Like the graphic suggests, one of our best weapons in the fight against bottled water is a reusable bottle. The other important step we can all take is to spread the word! Share this graphic with folks you know. If you think it would be more digestible, you can point them to The Story of Bottled Water.
How else can we help educate folks about the issues with bottled water? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!
Image Credits:
Water Bottles. Creative Commons photo by quinnanya
Infographic. Via Term Life Insurance

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  1. I agree, drinking filtered tap water with stainless steel bottle is better than drinking bottled water.