Thursday, June 23, 2011

a hilarious website and testament to 'news-speak': "Save the planet by consuming plastic"

 This is really hilarious: it is a website put up by the International Bottled Water Association to promote bottled water, going so far as to say that the industry is environmentally friendly. 

The video "every bottle counts" shows just how long a bow is being drawn here: the "green hero" drinks bottled water for its convenience, but then explains that she is willing to cart around a bag full of empties so she can recycle them at home. Smart thinking, right? At the end of her day she is carrying 6 little bottles in a trash bag, instead of her one, stylish, refillable bottle.

The website also boasts that 30% of bottles are recycled, but forgets to mention that this means 70% of bottles are in landfills. Then there are the other numbers - like the 1.3 billion pounds (that 1300000000 pounds) of plastic resin SAVED since 2001 by making the plastic water bottles lighter. what does that really mean? That the amount of resin used was much, much more than that - try at least 3 times as much - virtually all of it pointless except for profit, and 70% of it now in landfills or the ocean.

This is a real testament to 'news-speak'. Save the planet by consuming plastic? One more step along this path and we could see someone suggesting that we sequester carbon by turning it into plastic and burying it in landfills. Maybe the bottled water industry could get some carbon credits for that?

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