Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bottled water Industry feels bubblers are "stupid"

In a press release the ABWI CEO, Geoff Parker, wrote:

"Replacing the option of bottled water with a convoluted scheme of filling stations and refillable bottles is stupid"

Hmmm. So drilling for oil, shipping it around the world, turning it into plastic, shipping it around the world, using energy to make it into a bottle, filling it with water (from a filling station?) loading it on a truck, driving it around the country, sticking it in a fridge, making people pay for it, then throwing away the bottle, which is picked up by a truck, driven around the country, buried in a hole in the ground, where it breaks down into little pieces, finds its way into the food chain, ..... now that would not be stupid would it? Not nearly as stupid as delivering cold, fresh. clean. unpackaged water by pipe for virtually free?

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