Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Get them while they are young - baby's bottled water for $3.50"

Talk about easy feeding on-the-go! This is one of those products that seems like a no brainer. We can't believe this wasn't around ages ago. Luckily for new moms and dads, it's available now. Nourish baby and toddler bottles are purified spring water bottled two ways, formula-ready for baby and spill-proof with a sippy top for your toddler. We're not the only ones that think this product is pretty cool. Celeb moms and dads including Minnie Driver, Tiffany ThiessenNicole Sullivan, and Joey Lawrence don't leave home without it.
Nourish Baby is a patented, ready-to-serve bottle for babies complete with 8 oz purified spring water, volume markings for mixing formula and a baby nipple top - perfect for families on the go and travel. Just add formula, shake, serve and reuse or recycle. Nourish Toddler is a patented, spill-proof bottled water complete with 10 oz purified spring water and a spill-proof sippy top so toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy their independence while mom/dad enjoys smiles instead of spills on the kids, on them, in the car... No more ruining a fun day out with the kids by fighting with a toddler over sharing a beverage or by spilling formula everywhere! Finally a healthy alternative to sticky/sugary juice boxes or flavored milks that helps establish a healthy habit of drinking water.
Nourish products are 100% BPA Free, Phthalate Free, made in the USA, and both recyclable and reusable. So when traveling or engaging in outdoor activities they can be recycled and you can open a clean bottle/clean water rather than trying to wash bottles and sippy cups in public sinks, but they can be washed and reused if you have a trusted location to safely clean them - the best of both worlds for our children and for our world.
Nourish launched just a few months ago and is available at airports, sports arenas, entertainment venues (water parks, botanical gardens...), hotels/resorts, baby boutiques and specialty food stores. Nourish was just awarded a MAX Award for the most innovative new product in Georgia!
This company believes in giving back. The Nourish Haiti Program was launched a few months ago at the request of a customer and Nourish has now donated along with our customers over 5000 bottles to babies and toddlers in Haiti, as Nourish is perfect in disaster relief situations or any time a child lacks access to clean water and clean bottles.
Nourish is available for purchase online for $3.50 per bottle.

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