Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hooray for the City of Melbourne, for its first filtered water station!

Filtered water station

The City of Melbourne has installed a water station in the Bourke Street Mall where you can refill your bottle with free, filtered water.
The station will be there for a trial period through the warm weather months until the end of April 2010.
Despite the high quality of Australian water, Australians spend half a billion dollars per year on bottled water.
Every year, billions of discarded plastic water bottles around the world end up as litter or landfill. 
The City of Melbourne will research whether the water station leads to less plastic bottles being discarded in the area.
Bottled water damages the environment by consuming oil and other resources. The processing, refrigeration and transportation of bottled water creates significant greenhouse gases.
The water filter station is located at the Swanston Street end of the Bourke Street Mall on the south side. Look out for our City Ambassadors in red blazers who can direct you to it.

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